There is plenty of confusion over the subject of eBooks when it comes to what defines them. Any book published in a digital format is generally referred to as an eBook. But there are big differences when you look at the formats, how the book is created, how the book is sold and delivered, and how the reader uses or interacts with it.

The Book App Alliance is intent on drawing a clear distinction between what an eBook is and what a Book App is. The BAA is an organization of Book App authors/creators united together to bring attention to the wonderful Book Apps available in app stores by independent authors.

Since oftentimes words can be cumbersome and not clear in conveying information, I thought an infographic would be the best way to show the world what the difference is. After all, we are writers here at the BAA and the phrase we hear throughout our career is show don’t tell.

See if you don’t gain some clarity about What is a Book App vs an eBook. Let us know what you think.

eBook vs Book App infographic