Get ready for spring reading with our curated reading list of Spring-themed book apps.

These apps feature bugs, plants, and exciting springtime adventures that capture the whimsical excitement of getting back outdoors and playing among the sprouting leaves under a fresh warming sun.

Browse our reading list below and grab a few titles to get you into the excitement of Spring!

The Book App Alliance Spring Reading List

The Spring Reading List:

Grendel's Great Escape

Grendel's Great Escape

Hide and seek is the perfect springtime game. Get the kids ready with a quest to find Grendel, a pet Ferret who escapes on show and tell day to explore the school in this hide and seek themed adventure story.

By Michelle Anaya

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Lazy Larry Lizard Book App

Lazy Larry Lizard

Chasing lizards in springtime is a favorite pasttime. Chase Larry Lizard around this clever book app and discover what it takes to make Larry Lizard happy, and learn a lesson about the lizards in your own garden.

By Graham Nunn

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Jack and the Beanstalk math book app

Jack and the Beanstalk Math Adventure

Join Jack on a springtime math adventure and help him figure out how to make it down the beanstalk before the giant catches him in this math refresher for Spring reading.

By Justin Holladay

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Rex The Roach Book App

Rex The Roach

Beautifully illustrated, this charming story of Rex’s adventures and the characters he meets as he tries to find his way home is visually interesting and will get your mind thinking with an engaging story.

By Jeff Butterworth

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Rita The Lizard book app

Rita The Lizard

Rita is a lizard who thinks she is a chameleon like her uncle William. Rita The Lizard tells a story of friendship and identity in a humorous springtime adventure.

By Irene Blasco Grau

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Roxie's Amazing Adventure Book App

Roxie's a-MAZE-ing Vacation Adventure

Springtime roadtrips are a blast, especially when you have a fun game to play in the back seat. Roxie’s a-MAZE-ing Vacation Adventure is just the ticket, with an interactive animated game app for up to five players.

By Roxie Munro

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Slibby the Snail Book App

Slibby the Snail

Slibby The Snail lives in Porchlandia and he is helping his friends the Ants to find some stolen food. Along the way they’ll need to solve a quest or two; a perfect setting for a springtime adventure.

By Ivan Kules

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A Soccer Sleepover In Brazil book app

A Soccer Sleepover In Brazil

Celebrate everybody’s favorite Spring sport with a fully illustrated children’s story about Brazil​ and ​the World Cup! Available in ​English and Spanish, and a great way to get your young athletes reading!

By Geeta Raj

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Ladybug Zee book app

Ladybug Zee

Jump right into this beautiful springtime adventure and join Ladybug Zee as she tries to help little caterpillar Mony becoming a gorgeous butterfly. A terrific Spring adventure!

By CoolAsh Studio

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The Watermelon Vendor book app

The Watermelon Vendor

One Spring morning (see what I did there?), The Watermelon Vendor reads a newspaper article about square watermelons and tells a wonderful story about a child living in Squareville.

By Lizardo Carvajal

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