eBook: What is a Book App and Could You Create One?

The perfect introduction for the writer or illustrator who is wondering if publishing their book as a book app might be right for their work.

  • Explains what a book app is and how it’s different from an eBook
  • Outlines the D.R.E.A.M. System – the proven steps needed to create a book app
    • D = Determine Your Objectives and Get Educated: So you know if this publishing option is right for you
    • R = Review Your Book and Create Your Brief: Will show you how to plan your book as a book app
    • E = Evaluate Developers: How to choose a book app developer or DIY tool
    • A = Assemble Your Assets: How to get the bits and pieces you’ll need created – illustrations, narration, sound effects, music
    • M = Manage Your Project to Completion: How to successfully manage this type of project
  • Personal stories of over 40 writers who have turned books into book apps
    • See different genres turned into book apps
    • Learn about different approaches to development – DIY and done-for-your development
    • Gain insight into how varied budgets can be

eBook:  Author’s Guide to Book Apps

A manual for helping writers understand the book app opportunity and process. This warts-and-all, how-to guide for is for the nontechnical children’s writer or illustrator and covers:

  • Why the book app market is so exciting and has a huge potential for your work
  • How to determine if your book or story is a candidate for being a book app
  • What you can do creatively and how to do it – narration, sound effects, music, animation and more
  • How to get a book app developed – do it yourself or get it done for you
  • What costs are involved
  • Apple vs. Android – what you need to know
  • Why “Built isn’t Bought” and why marketing is so important (plus tips)
  • How to price your book app


eBook: How to Market a Book App

Built isn’t bought! Just like with any type of publishing, marketing is essential to finding readers (and buyers) for your book app. Because Karen has a 20-year marketing career, she’s spent the time and money testing various marketing techniques, so you don’t have to. In this book, she shares the results of all of these tests and covers:

  • Free marketing tactics to use
  • Using everything the App store gives you
  • Marketing tools you’ll need like a website and video
  • Resources to help you with your marketing
  • How to create a marketing plan and budget
  • A list of over 40 reviewers of children’s book apps


Course with Video Tutorials
Choosing a Developer Made Easy System

If you want to make sure you choose the right book app developer or tool for your book, then the “Choosing a Developer Made Easy” System will make things a heck of a lot easier and save you heaps of time.

  • Developers Checklist – to help you determine what type of developer is right for you and your book
  • Developers Questions List – to help you know what questions to ask when interviewing developers or evaluating tools
  • The Ulitmate Developers List – a list of 20+ developer DIY and full-service options
  • The “Developers’ Inside Scoop” –  an eBook in which book app companies tell you about their services, in their own words, including:
    • Who their ideal client is
    • What platforms they develop for
    • What their pricing is
    • What their process is
    • Some of the apps they’ve done
  • Video tutorials

Watch the video for more information.  You can do this research on your own or you can save yourself a ton of time with the “Choosing a Developer Made Easy” System.

1:1 Consultation with Karen via Skype or Phone

In addition to creating her own book apps, Karen has coached scores of other writers and illustrators on publishing their books as book apps. Whether you’d like help with your book app creation or marketing, Karen will focus on YOUR project and YOUR needs. Schedule a 45-minute video or audio Skype call with Karen. She’ll contact you to learn about your objectives and have you send any background material. Then you’ll schedule your coaching session.

Course: Book App Academy

Book App Academy is the course I wish I would have had when I started creating my first book app years ago.  It’s a full, how-to course designed for authors and writers who want to create a book app, but don’t want to program the app themselves. It presents, step-by-step, the full process for turning a book into a book app, complete with resources, examples and more.

Book App Academy consists of six modules, each with a series of lessons. Each lesson is presented as a video tutorial with an audio download and PDF as well.  There are nearly 50 video tutorials, and each video averages between 3-15 minutes in length, so lessons are presented in bite-sized chunks.

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