October Reading List

Boo! It’s that time of year when all things ghosts, goblins, monsters and mystery take center stage to celebrate Halloween!

Add to your kids’ spooky fun with these terrific stories from the The Book App Alliance Halloween Treats reading list!

Jam with colorful monsters in Axe’s Monster Fest. See what kind of friends a vampire keeps in Count Dracu and get in a spooky mood with the classic, Dracula’s Guest.

Book apps are so much more than basic eBooks; they provide an engaging reading experience for young readers with multi-sensory enhancements that will keep your trick-or-treaters entertained and learning for hours, …and they won’t even know it!

Our book apps are downloadable to your iPad or Android tablet, and CCSS Aligned for safe and worry-free educational reading.

 Fantasy Stories and Crazy Creatures!

Michelle Anaya Axe’s Monster Fest
Author: Michelle Anaya
| Illustrator: Victor Guiza
Axe and the Groundhogs have big dreams of being Mon-stars. They’re on the fast track to success when lead singer loses her voice before the show.
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Lizardo Carvajal The Bird of a Thousand Songs
Author: Lizardo Carvajal
This book tells the story of a bird who is able to imitate the songs of all the other birds. But will this bird find its own song?
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Eiry Rees Thomas The Funny Fair
Author: Eiry Rees Thomas

This hilarious story finds Jester Bit scheming and dreaming. Will Jester’s cunning twiddle stick lead him to, or help him out of trouble?
Read the Digital Storytime review of The Funny Fair COMING SOON!
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Blackfish The Forest Kingdom
Author: Tom Anderson
The Forest Kingdom is a choose your own journey book through Red Riding Hood, Snow White, Rapunzel, The Three Pigs, Goldilocks and The Magic Ring.
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Denny Kurien CountDracu1
Author: Denny Kurien
| Illustrator: Denny Kurien
Join Count Dracu Jr. as he introduces you to his circle of multicultural friends; there’s Frankie the Jewish Frankenstein, Raggy the Egyptian mummy, Howie the Ukrainian werewolf, Yetinder the Indian yeti, and many more lovable characters.
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dCipollo Designs Dracula’s Guest
Author: dCipollo Designs

Experience this timeless classic in an exciting new interactive app, beautifully illustrated and animated for the iPad.
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Ben Brown Sid Surfa Saurus Surfing Dinosaur
Author: Ben Brown

This is a fun book app of stories, songs and wonderful artwork about a surfing dinosaur called Sid Surfa Saurus
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Markian Moyes Loose Strands
Author: Markian Moyes
| Illustrator: Jeff Frizzell
Roland has never been allowed outside his family’s barbershop. Will he sneak out to find out why? Readers make the decisions in this full-length novel.
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Joshua Wilson The Unstealer
Author: Joshua Wilson
A spooky gentleman with a Salvador Dali mustache comes to clear away those pesky un’s that frustrate, anger and rob us of our confidence.
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Jeff Butterworth Rex The Roach
Author: Jeff Butterworth

Rex, the robot roach, was not really naught but he didn’t always listen to his mother.
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Muddy Boots Archie’s Ancient Egyptian Adventure
Author: Muddy Boots

Join boy wonder archaeologist Archie Potts and his magic boots on his first time travelling adventure when he helps Howard Carter discover the tomb of Tutankhamun.
Buy Archie’s Ancient Egyptian Adventure on iTunes
Gerry Renert Brave Rooney and the Super-Sized Superheroes
Author: Gerry Renert

Rooney is the only ‘regular’ kid in an elementary school of superheroes. When he wants to play soccer with his superhero classmates, they shun him because he’s a mere mortal.
Buy Brave Rooney and the Super-Sized Superheroes on iTunes


Cary Snowden My Ride With The Alien
Author: Cary Snowden
| Illustrator: Zach Clough
About a young girl who meets a friendly alien and their adventure together as they tour the solar system. Fun and educational for ages 3 to 12.
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Tom Anderson I’m Scared
Author: Tom Anderson

Team up with a character of your choice and go on a fun adventure together. Customize the book as it changes based on your choices. Along the way, you may find that a scary creature isn’t so scary after all, and by the end, you may even make a new friend!
Buy I’m Scared on iTunes
David Cho Liloolee – The Little Lost Alien
Author: David Cho
| Illustrator: Jocelyn Diaz
A cute, adorable alien is lost on Earth and is alone until he meets a young girl and her dog. An enjoyable read that makes a great bedtime story.
Buy Liloolee – The Little Lost Alien on iTunes


Karen Robertson Treasure Kai and the Lost Gold of Shark Island
Author: Karen Robertson
| Illustrator: Victor Guiza
A fun treasure hunt story that’s a twist on the “choose your own adventure” format, kids help Kai find the lost gold of Shark Island.
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Buy Treasure Kai and the Lost Gold of Shark Island on iTunes
Melissa Northway Penelope The Purple Pirate
Author: Melissa Northway
| Illustrator: Paul Johnson
Penelope is a charming little girl who thinks she’s too old for a nap. She decides to go on an adventure with her friends: a dolphin, a sea turtle and an octopus.
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Cary Snowden The Day I Became A Pirate
Author: Cary Snowden
| Illustrator: Zach Clough
A boy encounters a band of pirates who need his help to save a crew member. The boy musters his courage to save the day, and gets an unexpected surprise.
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