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Luc Adriaens | Corali
Svetlana Alles | Funny Yummy
Michelle Anaya | Board Member | Axe’s Monster Fest
Blue Sandpiper Imprints.
Anthony Anderson | Sid Surfa Saurus Surfing Dinosaur
Tom Anderson | Board Member | I’m Scared
Marsha Diane Arnold | Prancing Dancing Lily
Jonathan Ayre | The Tiger Who Wasn’t!
Tommy Baldassarra | Merlino Labs
Nick Barrett | Imagistory
Mary Bleckwehl | Henry You’re Late Again!
Jennie Book | Mr. Cupcake Has The Sprinkles
Jeff Butterworth | Rex The Roach
Lizardo Carvajal | The Bird Of A Thousand Songs
Shaun Chapman | The Monster Fish – Animated Storybook and Game
Josie Cellone Board Member | Achoo Gaboo
David Cho | Liloolee – The Little Lost Alien
Libby Curran | Reading Train Learn to Read Books – Songs & Games
Brad Daberko | Dabby Dill & The HICCUP Pickle
Andrew Dittmer | Me In A Storybook – Farm
Pip Dumbill | Bible Pathway Adventures
Lisa DuPre | A New Home for Charlie
Shoham Drori | The Amazing Train
Phil Etting | Veggie Bottoms
Joyce Evans | Finish Line
Nicole Fonovich | The Brown Eyed Boy With The Magic Eyelashes
Annie Fox | Middle School Confidential
Barnier Geerling | Storm & Skye
Irene Blasco Grau | Rita The Lizard
Valerie Harmon | Chipmunk Wants To Be Bear
Kristin Reiber Harris | Duck Takes A Ride: An Art Story
Justin Holladay | Jack And The Beanstalk – A Mathematical Adventure
Chris Hamilton | Around The World With Elwood And Ofie
Julie Hedlund | A Troop Is A Group Of Monkeys
Karen Inglis | Ferdinand Fox’s Big Sleep
Jo Ann Kairys | Sunbelievable
Johnathon Kelly | Aiden And The Apple Tree
Ivan Kules | Slibby The Snail Adventures
Denny Kurien | Count Dracu and Friends
Jeff Kurrus | TBD
Cathy Lane | Butterfly Kisses
Julie Laviolette | Brush Of Truth
Nina Lim | Henrietta Is Hungry
Brenda Long | Mabell’s Zoo
John Luchin | Lobster Tale
Robert Mascarelli | The Tree I See
Daren Mason | Archie’s Ancient Egyptian Adventure
Kelly McMahon | Bedtime For Sarah Sullivan
Glenn Melenhorst | Food Fight
Mark Moyes | Loose Strands
Roxie Munro | Roxie’s a-MAZE-ing Vacation Adventure
Jodi Murphy | The Terrible Taunting
Melissa Northway | Penelope The Purple Pirate
Graham Nunn | Lazy Larry Lizard
Chris Pedersen | Board Member | The Prisoner Of Carrot Castle
Allison Pomenta | Axel’s Chain Reaction
Orel Protopopescu | A Word’s a Bird
Dean Proudfoot | Angus The Irritable Bull
Alexis Purcell | Board Member | The Turkey Who Forgot To Gobble
Geeta Raj | Sleepover in Antarctica
Gerry Renert | Brave Rooney
Michael Richards | Dentist Bird
Joanna Rivard | A Royal Fairytale
Karen Robertson Karen Robertson | Board Member | Treasure Kai And The Lost Gold Of Shark Island
Sean Sanczel | Pencilman and the Big Machine
Cyndie Sebourn | Smarty Britches: Nouns
Frances Smit | The Mysterious Stream
Cary Snowden | Board Member | The Day I Became A Pirate
Julian Stokoe | Have You Heard?
Will Terry | Gary’s Place
Eiry Rees Thomas | The Funny Fair
Kyle Tomson | Pines to Vines – The Forest Biome
Sarah Towle | Beware Madame la Guillotine
Colin Treanor | Georgie and the Birthday Girl
Isabelle Vien | Sneak A Snack
Brigit Vucic | iXL: Kung Fu Panda 2
Erica Warp | The Adventures Of Ned The Neuron
Monica Wellington | Crêpes by Suzette
Richard Wells | Buster Bus
Stephen White | AlphaBelch
Josh Wilson | A to Sea
Belinda Young | Hello Meerkat!