Guy Sharon

Q: Tell us about yourself and your book app

My name is Guy Sharon and I’m the Co-Founder of Chameleon eBooks. Over the past 20 years I’ve been creating, producing and managing content driven products and projects for various digital platforms.

Neighborhood Watch Kids and Duh Color Stuff™ is an exciting adventure story in which five brave young kids and their accompanying dog, set out to save their neighborhood. You will Join Arnold, Maya, Johnny, Suzie, Billy and Paw in their amazing journey to self-discovery. You will help them overcome their differences, make the right choices and work together as a team to solve the mysterious events. Make 16 decisions on how the story evolves, discover 21 possible ways for the story to end, play 10 challenging games to solve the mystery and enjoy a beautifully illustrated digital book with appealing animations and sounds.


Q: Is the story you turned into an app already published as a book?

The story is based on an animated TV series for children I developed 15 years back. We took the concept, characters, surroundings and one episode theme, added the logic structure of the plot and set down to write the narrative in a compelling way for mobile devices.

Q: When and where did you launch your app?

The app was published on June 2016 and was launched on all the major app stores – Apple, Google and Amazon.

Q: Tell us about your app!  What makes it unique?

Chameleon eBooks creates smart digital experiences which convey life skills and cognitive abilities. We believe that reading books is one of the most effective means of increasing educational outcomes. A lot of effort was invested in producing a book app that will be highly engaging and fun plus convey the educational added value.  We have implemented enhancements carefully and integrated features seamlessly into the story with no bells and whistles that might distract the young reader. This composition of content combined with high quality graphics and sound is the main strength.

Q: How did you develop your book app?

There were two main concerns that we wanted to address. The first one was the development platform. We knew that the app is complex and that we wanted to develop once for both iOS and Android. So we chose Unity as our platform of development. The second concern was the developer himself. We needed someone pro, with experience, who knew Unity and could give support for upgrading the app after the launch. So we hired a team of 3 that were outsourcing their expertise and had the knowhow.

Q: What’s been the biggest surprise about creating a book app?

We managed a team of 22 talented professionals from around the world which is pretty amazing by itself. The communication, goodwill, devotion and dedication of the team was a big surprise and a huge complement to us and the project.

Q: What’s been the hardest part of creating an app?

I think that the hardest part was not in the creation itself but is the marketing strategy. The book app is not just a book and not just an app or an educational tool, but the combination of the three. This makes it a bit more tricky and challenging to market.

Q: How did you get so many reviews?  (List the reviews)

Well this is easy. I took the great list of potential websites that you have prepared for us Karen, enhanced it with some more research of my own and then submitted the book app for review in the most popular sites.

Following is a list of the great reviews we had:

  1. Apps and Applications
  2. The App Times
  3. AlphaDigits 
  4. Educational App Store
  5. Best Apps for Kids 
  6. The iMums
  7. Digital Storytime
  8. The iPhone Mom

Q: What else have you done to market your book app?

Since we are not working with a large marketing budget, we need to think outside the box for some guerilla tactics. One example is that we have established partnerships with content platforms like the Fingerprint Launchpad to promote the app. Another example is that we have submitted the app to some contests such as the Kapi award for children innovation.

Q: Any words of advice for other writers who are thinking about creating apps?

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step – be sure to start yours. You might get anxious to reach the finish line before you have even started but remember this is not a race. Progress in small steps one at a time; remind yourself each and every morning what your goal is and its value. Enjoy the path and the progress you are making. Lose all the ‘Buts’ and the ‘Ifs’ and be sure to think positively on what you need to do in order to progress at all times towards your goals.

Q: How much did it cost to make your app? (only say what you want to here)

We were fortunate enough to raise a pre-seed round from family and friends of about $85k.