If you're even just a little curious about whether or not your book or story could be a book app, you're in the right place!

On this page, you'll find free training on creating and marketing book apps.  Check out the articles and videos under "Free Training" below. Then, if you want to know more, check out the eBooks,  Courses and Coaching resources that follow.

I've helped scores of writers and illustrators publish their books as book apps.

I can't wait to see what you create!

Karen Robertson
Author of the Treasure Kai book app series
Co-founder of the Book App Alliance


Guide: 3 Common FAQs about Publishing Your Book as a Book App

Download the 3 Most Common FAQs about Publishing Your Book as a Book App. Click the image above or click here to download.

Article: 5 Myths About Book Apps

Article "5 Myths About Book Apps" on Digital Book World. Click here to read the article.

 Article: 3 Common Mistakes to Avoid

Article "3 Common Mistakes to Avoid when Publishing a Book App" on Digital Book World. Click here to read the article.

Guide: 7 Secrets of Book App Marketing

Article "7  Secrets of Book App Marketing". Click here to download.


"Why Publish Your Book as a Book App?" Click the PLAY button above or click here to watch on YouTube.

Demonstration of the Difference Between the Reader's Experience - eBook vs. a Book App. Hit the PLAY button above or click here to watch on YouTube.

"How to Plan Your Book as a Book App - Getting Started"  Click PLAY button above or click here to watch on YouTube.

Case study that walks you through how we turned a printed book into a book app.  Click on the PLAY button above or click here to watch on YouTube.


What is a book app and how do I create one?

What is a Book App?

What is a book app and how do you create one? Find out here.

Author's Guide To Book Apps

Author's Guide To Book Apps

You want to build a book app? Click here for everything you need to know.

How to Market a Book App eBook

Cut Through and Drive Downloads

Learn how to cut through all the clutter and drive downloads of your book app. Click here


Book App Academy

Book App Academy

How-to course on publishing your book app. Includes 40+ video tutorials and more. Click here.

Choosing a Developer Made Easy System

Choosing a Developer Made Easy System

Everything you need to know about choosing a developer or DIY tool for getting your book app developed. Click here. 

1:1 Coaching with Karen

1:1 Coaching with Karen

Get 1:1 coaching on creating or marketing your camp. 45-minute Skype or phone session focused on you and  your work! Click here. 


“I can’t tell you how helpful all of this information has been and how great of you to share all of your experience! I have been researching this all on my own since April and finally felt some relief when I accidentally stumbled across your book. Wow, saved me tons of time researching!!”

Testimonial - Nicole Fonovich

Creator of the Luca Lashes Digital Series

““This book is a great resource!! …today I sent prospects some informationa about us and a list of websites. But your book is 100 times better than any website out there. My hat off to you!!! I just had a chance to really go over “Author’s Guide to Book Apps” and this is the right book for both book publishers and starting developers. It took me years to learn what you have in your book. I wish I would have had this book when we started! and you can quote me on this. :)

Testimonial - Alan Bigio

Head of Bacciz Book Apps & Games

“Karen’s enthusiasm and passion are infectious and it was great to be able to share my vision with someone who gets it!  Karen’s practical advice and real-life experiences during the planning stages of my app project have been invaluable!”

Testimonial - Janeece Keller

Entrepreneur and Coaching Client

“Reading Karen’s ebooks was one of the best things I ever did. They are so informative and inspiring. I know I would never have created a storybook app if I hadn’t read her books first.”

Testimonial - Nina Lim

Author and creator of Super Harry HD


Karen enjoyed a successful career in marketing for 20 years before life took a different turn.

She was struggling to get her kids to read for fun when one night she had a dream about a new kind of book where kids had to physically do something to drive the story forward.

From that dream, she created and wrote Treasure Kai and the Lost Gold of Shark Island, an interactive treasure hunt adventure book that used toys as clues to finding a gold treasure.

When her son picked up an iPad for the first time and chose storybook apps over games, she knew it was time to “go digital.”

The Treasure Kai and the Lost Gold of Shark Island  book app launched in 2011 and has won recognition and awards including being a  Digital Storytime “Top 25 Most Essential Children’s Book App” and winning “Best in Category” for apps at the New Media Film Festival in San Francisco.

After launching her first book app, Karen was repeatedly asked to write articles and speak about how she turned her book into a book app. She found that articles barely scratched the surface of what people needed to know so she wrote her first eBook, “Author’s Guide to Book Apps.”

Karen has found that making a book app is one thing, but selling one is a whole different story! So after months of trying different marketing techniques with “wins” and “bombs,” and after consistently selling Treasure Kai on a daily basis for eight months, and after dozens of coaching calls about marketing with other authors and developers, she wrote, “How to Market a Book App and other apps for kids.”

Karen is an international speaker on this topic and has created online courses,  including Book App Academy. She co-founded industry organization, the Book App Alliance and she's  helped scores of writers and illustrators publish their books as book apps.

Karen's also the author of Treasure Kai, Treasure Kai and the Seven Cities of Goldanother award-winning book app.

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