My series of iOS apps for 8-11 year old learners is titled The Flitlits. The apps for the iPad invite children to laugh as they learn and include:
  • The Funny Fair
  • A Ferry To Airy
  • A Shine Show Shock
Each app includes English, Welsh and US English versions of the text and narration.

The focus is on language, literacy and reading through a multi-modal approach. The Flitlit concept, that follows many years of research with experienced educators and pilot work at schools, includes the apps, print books and classroom resources. The setting of Fussbut, Seldom See provides a backdrop for an ethereal land that is laid out in plots. A crew of 13 Flitlit characters inhabit the plots that represent specific elements of generic curricula. Comprehensive educational guides that feature within the apps and on the bilingual website: offer opportunities for diverse and extensive lesson-planning.
The central character, JESTER BIT, is a scamp with a heart. His mischief leads to compassion, empathy, team work and a sense of fair play. Readers are invited to look behind the stories, the habitat, the interplay between the characters and more.
My aim was to create characters that would encourage debate and champion differences. As such, the characters are deliberately diverse and timeless. Of the crew of characters, two that have disabilities and are presented naturally and without elaboration.
My experience in the field of Special Needs and collaboration with specialists in the field contributed to the content that spans a divide between picture books and early chapter novels.
The apps, that are supported by the Creative Industries Sector of the Welsh Government, aim to support English and Welsh literacy at schools and in the home and to enhance the provision of education through the use of technology.
5*Review by the Educational App Store:

Eiry screen image

Children enjoy the fun and surreality, suited to the age group, along with the lyrical flow of the language. The language employed allows them to improve their grammar and literacy skills as they engage with the content through humour and artistic and creative activities. Pilot school exercises at schools saw the classroom being turned into a stage with the children’s dramatic performances being supplemented by creative works, generated during months of Flitlit-related activities.

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