Book App Summary

“Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the ugliest one of all?”

A young girl getting ready for a party, deals with imperfections in her appearance as she looks into a mirror. Will she be able to overcome her fear and muster up enough confidence to go?


The story centers around a young girl and follows her throughout the night as she prepares for a party. The story touches on aspects of her appearance that people worry about, including: weight, unfashionable clothing, bad hair, skin and even teeth.

Behind the Book


Everyone has insecurities. We hope that this book will help people with their own image issues by showing them in a funny way.

Why will kids love this book?

The story has a very happy (surprise) ending. Kid’s will love the little animals that help her throughout the story and the ridiculous fashion choices.

There are some great characters and fun interactive elements. Just wait until they meet the other people at the party!

There is optional narration and lots of really fun interactive elements.


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