Veggie Bottoms is a quirky, illustrated e-book that educates kids about the nutritional benefits of various fruits and vegetables by bringing them to life. Each interactive character presents their own narrative on how they are a healthy choice for children to eat.

Veggie Bottoms doesn’t have a central storyline so much as it is a collection of individual characters, each with their own voice and their own story. Every character is interactive in different ways and uses humor as a way to engage with kids and help them learn without feeling like they’re learning. Part of that humor is allowing the user to spin a character around and see their … butt. It might be slightly immature, but so are kids and they love it.


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We wanted to create something that helped push back at the surge of unhealthy eating habits that lead to obesity in too many children. Part of that is speaking to them in their language: using technology and utilizing humor with just a small touch of silliness with the “butts” angle. If they’re laughing and quoting Phineas Asparagus, that may convert a picky eater – who might otherwise refuse asparagus served at the dinner table – into a curious one. We believe that if we can introduce various fruits and vegetables in a fun and unique way, this demystifies them and can lead to curious eaters hungry for more … literally.

Why Kids Love the Book

Veggie Bottoms

Kids can explore each character by swiping, tapping or even shaking the device to get unique reactions. They can read the book themselves or have the app read it for them, each character with their own, comical narration. This app will make them giggle and laugh as they learn.



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