Awarded “Most Innovative,” “Best of the Best,” “Best for Reluctant Readers,” “Must-have” and more, the Treasure Kai book apps are thrilling treasure hunt adventures for boys and girls, 5+!

Treasure Kai is an innovative book app series that uses treasure and adventure, in a twist on the choose-your-adventure format, to motivate kids to finish the stories they start!

Created by author, Karen Robertson, whose sons were reluctant readers and dyslexic, Treasure Kai and the Lost Gold of Shark Island is available on iTunes and Treasure Kai and the Seven Cities of Gold is available on iTunes and Android.

Watch the adventure series trailer here:



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  • In Treasure Kai and the Seven Cities of Gold, you help Kai save the Seven Cities of Gold from Francisco Coronado by choosing treasure chests and using your memory to help Treasure Kai get home! One of only 20 Digital Storytime 5-star apps in the year of its release. Watch the demo video here.

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Why Kids Will Love These Book Apps

Children love these apps because they are an essential part of the story. The reader chooses treasure chests to advance the story so each reading experience changes.

Watch the demo videos below to see how!

Treasure Kai and the Lost Gold of Shark Island Demo Video


Treasure Kai and the Seven Cities of Gold Demo Video

Behind the Book

When Karen’s dyslexic son picked up an iPad for the first time in 2010 and chose a storybook app over games, she knew she had to publish her interactive treasure hunt adventure book as an app.

The idea for Treasure Kai originally came to Karen in a dream. She’d been struggling to get her kids to read for fun. One night, she had a dream about a new kind of book where kids had to physically do something to drive the story forward, motivating them to finish the book they started.

She created treasure hunt adventure stories to give kids a multi-sensory reading experience. The book apps engage touch, sound (with sound effects and an original score) and sight (with animation).

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