Joey the Turkey has forgotten how to gobble and needs help from his friends.  The Turkey Who Forgot How To Gobble is a cheerful interactive storybook app to teach children about friendship, and how friends will always be there when you need them.  It is a fun way to teach animal sounds to children and has been recommended and used in speech-language curriculum as a way to teach animal sounds to kids.

Programmed in both English and Spanish, the reader can easily choose the language with a simple press of the language icon.  It features happy background music, colorful illustrations, clear narration, mild animation appropriate for young ones, and cute animal sounds the kids will love.

The Turkey Who Forgot How To Gobble is aligned with Common Core State Standards (CCSS), available for FREE at the author’s website. www.TwinkleTwinkleBooks.com Also at the website, for FREE, is the award winning Playlet of the book, “fun facts and jokes”, and coloring pages!

This app has been well received by parents, kids, and educators alike! It ranked #1 in iTunes Paid Book Apps in November 2014, and #3 and #11 in November 2013 and 2012 respectively. YAY FOR JOEY!!



turkey 2This book was inspired by my two children, who at the time were 4 and 5 years old, and their one special request.

Every night our bedtime routine was to plop on the bed, one child on each side of me, and read a story. One evening, after coming home exhausted from a long day at work, my children told me they had a special request:

“Mom, instead of reading books tonight, could you please make up a cute story?”

Well somehow, as tired as I was after a very long day at work, I came up with the story of THE TURKEY WHO FORGOT HOW TO GOBBLE and how his barnyard animal friends came to help him; a story about how friends will be there when you need them. They loved it and the very next day recited it during “show and tell” at their elementary school. Their classmates and teachers loved it too! Soon after I received calls from teachers asking when I was going to write the turkey book, and the kindergarten class provided me with their illustrations of the manuscript as a gift! It was all so sweet and unexpected.

Thereafter, everyday for weeks, my kids would ask me to “write the story and get it published”, but I was so tired that night I honestly could not recall much of the story details and was currently very busy with a project at work, so I never got around to it.   Months passed by and my kids were tired of asking and no action from me. One rainy day, they sat me down at the computer and told me they were going to help me write the story because they “remembered all of the details.” The manuscript was written and we submitted and received a copyright in 2003.

So, how did I turn a 2003 manuscript into a 2012 award winning storybook app you ask?? Fast forward to the day my daughter was getting ready to leave home for her first year in college. It was then and there I realized life was moving way too fast, and one of my most cherished projects was in a drawer gathering dust! With a new sense of determination and a leap of faith, I started on this challenging and exhilarating journey. After a year of research, artistic development, selection of partners, music and motion, we were proud to launch THE TURKEY WHO FORGOT HOW TO GOBBLE in the App store in 2012, and thrilled to see it ranked #13 in the first month.

This is my gift to my children….gobble gobble!!


Turkey 1

Kids love animals and hearing the animal sounds when the animation is activated. Kids have loads of fun repeating the animal “gobbles” and feeling that they too are helping Joey along the way. They become quickly engaged with the lively animation and interactive ways each animal friend uses to help Joey gobble again. Parents love having the option of introducing Spanish to their children in a fun way! The two memory and matching games at the end of the storybook are an added bonus and enjoyed by all!




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