The Tiger Who Wasn’t! the interactive story of Hatty, the tiger who is anything but, plays into every child’s imagination world, engaging the young reader from the outset. Written in fun to read rhyming couplets, the gentle allegorical tale is full of interesting and unexpected interactions… plus bright, hand-drawn illustrations that attract readers at any age.

Through the eyes of Hatty, a vegetarian tiger cub seeking friends and healthy eating,  kids journey through the animal kingdom—full of amusing, interesting and recognizable characters with mannerisms found in our own world. Encountering prejudice, bigotry and fear head on, (albeit in a light-hearted and fun way) Hatty faces his life with optimism and imagination experiencing triumph in a most unexpected fashion.

The Tiger Who Wasn't!Behind the Book

The Tiger Who Wasn’t! book app was created for two reasons. First, it is based on the rhyming print book, which Jonathan wrote to help his own kids read a fun story, yet demonstrate that healthy eating is cool. It gives them the idea and power to choose good food over junk food on their own—and be proud of  the right choice. The second reason occurred when Jonathan saw a young child with an iPad and he realized the potential of physically interacting with a good story. Far from taking children away from reading, a good book app keeps them reading and playing over and over again.

Jonathan visits many schools  where he reads the interactive version. The children love  The Tiger Who Wasn’t! with the extra feast of games, painting and learning activities, which enhance their experience.

What Kids Love About the Book

The Tiger Who Wasn't coloring pageIn addition to interactions on every page, this good old fashioned storybook is humorous, yet projects a message through animals that talk, feel… and fart! Will it be a honeycomb falling from a tree, or a pear going splat in Hatty’s face that hooks the little reader? Or perhaps the coloring pages or the game of Avocado Roll keeps a child coming back. The Tiger Who Wasn’t! has something memorable for all young children.

Website: www.HattyBooks.com

App Links:
iPad (iTunes): http://goo.gl/GO5jlK            Android (Google Play): http://goo.gl/nF7wcT

Link to Music Video: The Hatty Rap! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cgUOiJO5ywU