This app is a narrated version of the children’s photo-fiction book, The Tale of Jacob Swift, written by Jeff Kurrus, photographed by Rob Palmer, and read by Tom Anderson.

Behind the Book

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I was extremely interested in swift foxes after learning about them through Nebraskaland Magazine, where I currently am the editor. I also wanted to write a story about males growing up in an attempt to interest more boys in reading and writing. Plus, I am driven to photo-fiction as a way to interest young readers because of their extreme interest in pictures.

Why Kids Love the Book


It’s a photo-driven book, and through my time educating in schools, kids always have a positive response to gorgeous photographs. The book was also peer-reviewed by more than 1,000 students before it was published – making the book “kid-tested.” It has rated very high with students for both its action and educational moments. Kids also love animals – and this book is filled with them.


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