Children's Pirate BookAbout The Day I Became A Pirate:

The Day I Became A Pirate is an interactive children’s adventure book app about a boy who encounters a band of pirates who need his help to save a crew member.

The boy has to muster his courage to save the day, and gets an unexpected surprise in the end for his quick-thinking bravery.

This unique adventure story is both entertaining and inspirational, with strong themes of friendship, trust, courage and service.

The story is told in clever rhyme, and features award-winning multimedia to present activities on every page including an interactive treasure hunt and clue games.


The Story Behind The Day I Became A Pirate:

The Day I Became A Pirate came about while I was walking with my two sons along Hukilau Beach on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii.

Page18-Boy-180x300Having realized we embarked on a hike beyond their endurance, I began to spin a tale to keep them motivated. Initially pitched as a ‘true’ story about when I was a kid, I told them that “I was walking along the beach one day when out on the horizon a ship appeared…” I illustrated the scene with animated gestures and an occasional stop to point out where the pirates landed to perform their deeds. I couldn’t help but laugh as they became engrossed.

I spent the rest of the trip writing notes and assembling the story into a rhyme. The story is dedicated to my son Kaiyan, who needed the extra boost of motivation on the day of our hike. ScreenSnapz074He is featured in the book app as the voice of The Boy, his character in the story for which he was all too proud to lend his talent.

I have written a story for each of my four children, awarding each the lead character in their respective adventures. I have completed one other, titled My Ride With The Alien, featuring my oldest daughter.

Why Your Kids Will Love The Day I Became A Pirate:

tdibap-screenshot-20-300x224I’d like to say it is the award-winning multi-media, which you will find on every page. There are sounds, character voices, animations, and even a complete song I wrote myself. There is even sheet music for any young musicians looking to play a short pirate ditty.

ScreenSnapz007Though it could be that the reason your kids will love this book is the amazing illustrations created by my good friend Zack Clough. Zach worked really hard to bring the story to life and boy did he nail it! From pirate ships to the amazing characterizations, to the crazy stuff like the x-ray machine and the box of treasure. -Yeah; there’s an x-ray machine in this story.

And if it were up to me, I would say your children will love this story because it is a remarkably entertaining story, cleverly told completely in rhyme. And as if that weren’t enough, there are a handful of surprising extras like a sing-along, secret treasure hunt, and a few Easter eggs hidden along the way to add some adventure to the adventure.

But really, when it comes down to it, I think your kids will love this book because mine do. And trust me; they aren’t easy on their old man.

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