Ten Giggly Gorillas swinging in the trees, putting on a show for the cheeky chimpanzees. Read or listen to the story to find out which gorilla to tickle under the arm (the one in the pirate hat? flippers? bow tie? Or perhaps its the one in the Tu Tu?) Then laugh along as they giggle and lose their grip, until there’s only one gorilla left. Tickle her under the arm and discover a hidden surprise.

Behind the Book


I write storybook apps in which the interaction is always an integral part of the story. So starting with a tap or touch, what could it be?  How about a tickle ..a tickle under the arm. Who has their arms up .. how about a gorilla hanging from a branch! Touch, tickle, giggle…and fall. That sounds like fun, but there had better be more than one. How about ten … Ten Giggly Gorillas!

Why Kids Love the Book

Teachers With Apps said “A frisky, frolicsome app that engages children right from the start. The students we worked with were delighted by this simple yet mesmerizing tale.”

Carisa Kluver of Digital Storytime said “This book app is delightful. It is deeply engaging for young readers & listeners, much like Mr. Nunn’s earlier apps. The interactivity will have your kids giggling along with the story as they learn basic subtraction by one. For very young kids in particular, this app is sure to please.”

Website: http://www.wasabipro.com.au/

App Link: https://itunes.apple.com/au/app/ten-giggly-gorillas-story/id487182988?mt=8