Book App Summary 

Sneak a Snack is an original story about a schoolboy named Alex whose giant snack has gone missing. His three best friends – who also happen to be his pets – are dripping with evidence. Who among them could have committed this yummy crime? 

About Sneak a Snack


It all started with an educational situation in which the “what-when-where-who-how” questions were brought under the spotlight. After that, the characters (a young boy and his three pet friends) were created and placed in these funny situations. They all come from special places : Rico comes from South America, Arthur is from Britain, and Myriam is from Paris. So each of them speaks with a special accent. Grand-dad character is based upon my husband father who passed away while we were writing the story. 

The Inspiration Behind the Book


As a child, I always dreamt that I could get myself into my books’ pictures and play with the characters. This old dream mixed with my husband’s vast experience in the video game industry allowed us the opportunity to create a very special 3D storybook app. And since we, parents, read a lot with our young children, we wanted the story to be very funny (for kids and adults). 

Why will kids love this book? (features, highlights)


The technomagic we put in it brings the story to life. It’s almost as if the device is a window in which you can see the story being told by Alex himself. Sneak a Snack is a very immersive story and while I was writing it, I also wanted to create funny situations cartoon style to get kids laughing out loud. 

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