A funny and charming story about a little snail called Slibby who is helping his Ant friends to find their stolen food. While Slibby is searching for the food, YOU will have to help him by solving all kinds of quests!

The story introduces Slibby the Snail from Porchlandia, where he and his friends live.  His friends, the ants, seem to have had most of their food supplies taken; and Slibby is there to help them retrieve it. It’s up to the young reader to help Slibby recover the food by completing mini challenges within the storybook. During their journey through the forest, Slibby and the reader will meet all kinds of animals and creatures that might lend a helping hand.


Behind the Book

I was trying to develop a game from the time when I was just a kid. But, I’m not a programmer and I’m not an artist. And developing a game was pretty expensive just 5-10 years ago. Then, Steve Jobs launched the iPhone and I saw a ton of possibilities for developing apps. But without programming knowledge, there was really no place for me in that world. Then, I started saving some money and I decided to outsource my projects. I wrote a few games and found a little company to outsource my game development to. But, my funds went low pretty fast and we did not manage to finish my game. So, now I have a pretty expensive racing game on my iPhone that does not work.  Then, one day, Apple launched an app called iBooksAuthor. I was amazed. Ideas just started popping up and immediately a kid’s storybook idea came to my mind. I found an artist and wrote the story. But when we started building our book, something amazing happened. I saw a presentation from a man who explained how kid’s brains develop in their preschool years. I thought, why not try to build an app that will engage kid while reading (listening) to a story?  Why not use all those great features that iOS provided? Then, I hired a programmer and we were on the way!

What Kids Love About the Book


As I mentioned, our book, Slibby the Snail Adventures is filled with interactivity. There are 13 pages in the book, and on almost every one of them there is a mini game nicely incorporated inside the story. I really tried to avoid interactive parts where kids just touch something and then there is a sound played (but as it turned out, kids love those sorts of things too!)

concentrated on real interactive elements, where kids need to actively participate in the story. Of course, the mini games can be skipped and kids can just enjoy reading/listening the story if they choose. Besides the interactive elements, we are also very proud of the artwork. It is pretty colorful and fun.


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