Book App Summary

Come explore France with Queen Bee. You will buzz past must-see attractions, discover art, culture, history, food and learn many interesting and educational facts along the way!



Our ‘Tiny Tourist’ stories were written to be travel guides for kids. Queen Bee travels all across the country, just like a tourist would.


Behind the Book
We love to travel and wanted to do a series of books where kids can learn about other countries (this is our second). Parents will learn a lot too! Just be prepared to get a serious travel bug after reading. Kids will learn about the world without even realizing it. It would also be a great story to read if you are planning a trip there. While most stories focus mostly on just Paris, we tried to include as much of the country as we could.


Why will kids love this book?


This book is packed with tons of interactive elements. The characters are adorable and the artwork is unique. The story and facts can be read in both English and French.



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