Penelope the Purple PirateAbout

Penelope the Purple Pirate is about a fearless redhead (think Pippi Longstocking) who loves adventure. Penelope possesses a magical coat tree in her bedroom and whatever costume she places on it transforms her into that adventure!  When she decides she wants to go sail the high seas with her friends, Teddy the sea turtle, Daphne the dolphin and Oliver the octopus, her bedroom magically transforms into a large pirate ship and off they go to find treasure!  There are Fun Facts about pirates, sea turtles, dolphins and octopuses as well as a Common Core Reading Activity at the end of the story.

Penelope the Purple Pirate

Behind the Book

When Melissa’s daughter was 3 years of age, she became inspired to write a story about a little girl who loves to have adventures!  Creating a strong female role model for her tomboy drove the story and thus Penelope the Purple Pirate was born!  Boys and girls have really responded positively to her and her crew. A followup adventure in the Wild West is in the works. Watch for it!

What Kids Love About the Book

Children love adventure and pirates!  Kids really respond to Penelope, eager to place themselves on the pirate ship sailing with her and her friends. The story has won several awards including Readers’ Favorite Bronze Award Winner and Popsugar’s Top 10 eBooks for children.


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