My Ride With The Alien

About My Ride With The Alien:

al-AlienBigMy Ride With The Alien is an interactive children’s book app for the iPad.

About a young girl who meets a friendly alien and their adventure together as they tour the solar system, this kids book is fun and educational for ages 3 to 12.

The interactive book app features an educational overview of the solar system, interactive activity pages for each of the planets, and a unique Build Your Own Planet activity that lets younger readers use their imagination to come up with their own designs.

al-pp-MerDMy Ride With The Alien is as entertaining as it is educational with over 370 tap-able items, sounds, motion and interesting facts about our solar system.

The story is told in engaging rhyme, and features interactive multimedia activities on every page including an interactive Learning Station where older children will enjoy answering questions about our solar system and discovering new facts.

The Story Behind My Ride With The Alien:

al-pp-MarDI was up early one spring morning helping my daughters get ready for school. Allanna, my oldest, was then 9 years old and was upstairs fretting over her clothes.

al-LastGirlWinkWith only ten minutes left before she had to run out the door she remembered an important assignment. “Dad!” she yelled, with newfound panic. “I have to have a poem for my class!”

“What kind of poem?” I instinctively inquired, to which she responded in frustration “It has to rhyme, and it has to be something no one in my class has heard.”

“Where you suppose to write it?”, I asked, ready for a discussion about ‘doing homework before we are ready to run out the door.’ She assured me it was not a writing assignment, but that we needed a rhyming poem for a discussion in class, and that we needed it right now or the world was going to end.

I instructed her to stay on course with her all-important clothing, reminded her to comb her hair and to brush her teeth (she forgot her homework, after all…) and declared I would write one for her.

al-pp-EarDI sat at my computer and imagined my daughter walking to school that morning and encountering an alien spaceship as it landed in front of her. The story began to unfold itself onto my screen as if it were actually happening.

al-pp-ShipLegsI don’t remember exactly how long it took me to write the story, but I do remember feeling an incredible sense of pride as I handed her the printed page as she came thundering down the stairs. She clipped it from my hands in stride and ran out the door to get to school just in the nick of time.

In the following 15-or-so years, the ‘Alien Story’ has become a popular nighttime request among the many stories I have written for each of my children, and is a long-standing family favorite.

Why Your Kids Will Love My Ride With The Alien:

al-pp-VenDWe have two choices here; it’s either going to be the engaging, rhyming story about a young girl who makes an unlikely friend and explores the solar system in a spaceship, or the fascinating facts about each of our planets. Actually, there is a third option: The Build Your Own Planet activity that your younger children will love to play with.

al-pp-SatDThere is, of course, the issue of the colorful imagery Zack Clough created for the book that really bring the story to life. And it might me that there are over 370 clickable, tappable, hearable and moveable objects in the book, making this one of the most active activity books you could possibly find. -Most kids really like that part.

However, and like my other book The Day I Became A Pirate, I think your kids will love this book because mine do, too. My kids aren’t easy to please, but I can’t help but smile when they ask me to read The Alien Book, over, and over again.

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