First haircuts can be scary for little ones. Help introduce the experience and calm their fears before their first haircut by reading “Luca Lashes and his First Haircut!”

Behind the Book

Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 5.59.55 PMLuca Lashes has magic eyelashes that help him overcome his fears during “scary firsts.” In this story, Luca Lashes stays brave stays during his first trip to the salon and leaves with a haircut!

Why Kids Love the Book

The app features touch, sight and sound interactivity so children can prepare for and gain  ownership of their first haircut experience. The parent suggestions at the end of the book serve as tips to prepare children for their first haircut, and ultimately calm their fears. To encourage children to become multilingual, each Luca Lashes story can also be read in one of five languages: English, Spanish, French, Chinese and Italian.


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