Have You Heard is a children’s book app by Julian Stokoe. It’s available from the iTunes Store.


When Farmer Blue goes to the village with his shopping list, Peko tells Summer. Comically,  he gets things all muddled up. Summer does the same when she tells Hamilton the horse. And so it goes as this pumpkin vine of mix ups and befuddlements winds its way full-circle around the barnyard. By this time, Farmer Blue’s news has grown into a far out tale of giant moon pumpkin proportions!

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Behind the Book

In addition to an interactive story, Have You Heard features a memory game. So after watching the story you can play Who Said What to try and remember the items that appeared. This memory game makes learning fun by encouraging kids to re-watch the story until they get all the items correct.

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As both a children’s picture book author and animator, the world of book apps offers some exciting potential for creative synergy. Instead of making a short film or a picture book, producing a book app appealed to me as a way to achieve a number of creative aspirations. I could easily see how a few of the stories I was working on would lend themselves to an interactive treatment and Have You Heard was the perfect candidate.

Why Kids Will Love This Book App

From reviews and feedback, kids have reacted positively to the comedic content of the story. This is aided in no small part by the voice of Rhys Darby (little ones might recognise from Jake and the Neverland Pirates or Yo Gabba Gabba ) who was brilliant in bringing the story to life with funny accents and sound effects.

Have You Heard is a children’s book app by Julian Stokoe and is available from the iTunes Store today.