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Funny Yummy is a interactive story book about the lunch time. In each of the six episodes cute heroes will ask your child for something yummy. In the process your child will discover what is favorable food for each animal presented in the app.

“Several animals live within and around a quaint house, who seem to get ravenously hungry around lunchtime. Kids encounter a very sleepy cat, a droll hedgehog, a literate mouse, a curious fish and two funny birds, who all seem to get the munchies in six of the interactive scenes. And even with the food being within reach, they do require subtle help of the children to get to their food.” – by

Behind the Book Funny Yummy 1

As a mother of 3 young beta testers, I often faced the challenge of finding a stress free, kind, calm and yet entertaining book app for smallest users.  All of my children, like most of yours, love animals, have a lot of interest in the smallest of them and love feeding those they are not scared of…  This gave me strength and encouragement to create my own first book app.  And I am extremely fortunate to have a good friend and herself a mother, Olga Samsonenko, who is my creative partner and who created those delightful characters for Funny Yummy.



“Funny Yummy is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful picture book apps available for iPad”. writes

Why Kids Love the Book

Funny Yummy

* the narration can be toggled off and on

* the text can be shown or hidden

* Funny Yummy can also be watched in auto-play.

* narrated in english by Peter Hosking

* no advertising

* no in app purchases

* Six cute and interactive lunchtime stories

* Adorable and calm little characters

* Unique texture based design

* Not too stressful and not too intense but truly engaging



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