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Butterfly Kisses by Cathy Lane is a fun bedtime story. The rhyming words take the reader on a fantasy journey through the animal kingdom. With the tap of a finger hear and see Tigers roaring, Koalas snoring and Kangaroos bouncing.


A little girl is sitting up in bed surrounded by all her toy animals waiting to say goodnight to her mum. She wonders to herself how animals say goodnight to each other. Her imagination takes her on a journey of discovery. Who, she wonders, gives the very best goodnight kiss? Finally after discovering how all the toy animals on her bed say goodnight she decides that the butterfly kisses from her mum is the very best.

Behind the Book

My daughter Alison was the inspiration for Butterfly Kisses. She was 4 years old at the time. One night I was saying goodnight to her just like in the story with all her stuffed toys around her. A friend had reminded me of butterfly kisses during the day- that gentle fluttering of eyelashes on cheek. So when I came in to say goodnight to Alison I asked her if she would like a butterfly kiss. She laughed and said yes properly wondering how this might be possible. Then I looked at all her toys on the bed and said to her “I wonder how animals say goodnight?” I picked up each toy animal and we both played with fun ideas about how they might kiss – Giraffes would kiss twisting knots in their long, long , legs. After we had played with all the animals I went into the kitchen and wrote the words for butterfly kisses on my shopping list notebook. This is how Butterfly Kisses was born!

Why will kids love this book?

The fun rhyming words, read beautifully by Tracy Mann, flow seamlessly from one page to the next. The child is swept along in the fantasy of the story through touch, sound and animations. On each page the child is challenged to find the lady beetle which when tapped activates all the animations and sounds at once. At the end of the story there are 3 activities: a Tiger puzzle which explains how the illustrations were made, a page where the child can write their own verse for Butterfly Kisses and finally a page where they can illustrate their verse. There are options in the app for “read to me” and “read alone”. The words are in a large font and highlighted for ease of reading. There is a menu button on each page for ease of navigation. Butterfly Kisses app is child friendly with no advertising, links or collection of data. Butterfly Kisses was first published as a hard cover picture book, this is a completely re-designed and re-illustrated version. The paper sculpture illustrations were created using hand textured papers and animated using the stop frame technique.

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