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The leading elephant in Achoo Gaboo has a sneezing fit that won’t quit, but it’s the funny rhymes and goofy monkeys that make the giggling contagious. Achoo Gaboo goes on a journey to solve his major sneezing problem, and young readers can relate to his clumsy accidents and messy experiments along the way. One quirk: every time Gaboo achoos, he blows rainbow bubbles out of his trunk. Sometimes this makes him the life of the party, and sometimes it’s embarrassing. Can he find a cure, or is Gaboo cursed?

About Achoo Gaboo

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More than a digitized book, Achoo Gaboo truly takes advantage of touch screen technology to enchant early readers with purposeful animations that reinforce the vocabulary and character action. As Digital Storytime wrote, Achoo Gaboo has “all the hallmarks of a classic picture book alongside thoughtful enhancements.” 

Behind the Book 

Pixure Book Publishing, which created Achoo Gaboo, continues to advance the field of interactive storytimes with a project at Carnegie Mellon University’s Entertainment Technology Center to develop new platforms for storybook apps. The goal: move children’s literature beyond the static pages of e-books and create interactive reading experiences that spark imagination for a mobile generation.

Why will kids love this book app?

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The bubbles! Every time Gaboo achoos, kids can pop the rainbow bubbles that trumpet from his trunk. The story is accompanied by a musical score that makes the sneezing not only comical, but cinematic. Every scene includes hidden objects and extra dialogue to encourage repeat readers who can discover new story layers. The illustrations by Timothy Banks are pretty dynamite as well.

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Achoo Gaboo is available on the App Store (iPad and iPhone), Google Play and Amazon

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