It’s a wet and rainy afternoon, and our young hero is sad with nothing to do. Then Grammy comes over to make boats and float them down the gutter! They love gutter races! As they’re sailing boats in the rain, their prized ship tumbles down the storm drain, lost forever. Or so they think! Find out who returns their boat as you come along for a grand adventure that your whole family will love and experience together.


A Shark Knocked on the Door is a rhyming interactive storybook app filled with beautifully illustrated colorful drawings and a story the whole family will enjoy.

Behind the Book

Mighty Yeti Studios is dedicated to telling stories to the current generation of kids who enjoy their media and entertainment in exciting new ways. Our interactive storybooks feature original characters, illustrations, animation, and voice acting talent your children will love.

Why will kids loveA Shark Knocked on the Door?

 A Shark Knocked on the Door has 100+ interactive elements, an engaging story filled with characters kids love, sound effects, english and spanish narration, and is silly and fun for kids who are reading and being read to.
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