Charlie the Chocolate Chihuahua is a tiny dog in a big world! We read about his adventures as he tries to fit in at his new home.  “A New Home for Charlie” is an animated and interactive storybook,  and includes Charlie the Chocolate Chihuahua’s Creation Station, jigsaw puzzles, and games.

A portion of revenues goes to Rocket Dog Rescue, a rescue group that places dogs in approved homes

Behind the Book

Charlie the Chocolate Chihuahua is a rescue dog and we read about him trying to fit in at his new home. We also meet and interact with the many animal friends that inhabit Charlie the Chocolate Chihuahua’s backyard; Felix the fox terrier, Sammy the schnauzer,  Shearl the tailless squirrel, Gopher, and the singing Backyard Birds; Rockin’ Rob Robin, Papa Pete Pigeon, and Sweet Cindy Sparrow.

Children learn valuable life lessons about not giving up with Charlie as he finds acceptance by demonstrating that everyone is good at something and anything is possible with teamwork!

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I am semi-retired and I wanted to do something creative that my grandaughters would enjoy. Watching my dogs interact with each other and the animals in our yard gave me ideas for stories I could create.


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