Tom Anderson

baa-tom-andersonBook App Author / Developer / Illustrator

Customizabooks was founded by Tom Anderson, a 15 year veteran of the video game industry. He was the founder and CEO of Novint technologies, the world’s leading video game company in the field of 3D touch, from 2000-2011.

Tom oversaw Novint’s $34 million dollar fundraising efforts, strategic licensing deals with companies like Electronic Arts, intellectual property and patents, and manufacturing of the world’s first consumer 3D touch device.

Book App: I’m Scared

im-scaredIn “I’m Scared”, you’ll team up with a character of your choice and go on a fun adventure together. You can customize the book to your preferences, and the entire book changes based on your choices. Along the way, you may find that a scary creature isn’t so scary after all, and by the end, you may even make a new friend!


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