Member Benefits

Basic Book App Alliance Membership provides the following benefits:

  1. App Store reviews – members are encouraged to download each other’s apps and write honest reviews for them in the App Store(s).
  2. Social media connections – each member is invited to provide social media contact details and members are encouraged to connect with each other in this way.
    !!!ScreenSnapz005—Facebook Page Likes
    —Twitter Follows
    —Facebook Post Shares
  3. Blitz Campaigns – BAA will have scheduled “Blitz Campaigns” where everyone in the groups will promote a certain app or group of apps. The Blitz messaging can be around a new app, news, a competition, price sale, etc. Blitz Campaigns will be scheduled and priority given to active members of the group.
  4. Your own post on the BAA website – featuring your bio, contact details, social media, your website and book apps
  5. Access to the private Facebook group for the Book App Alliance
  6. Members-only newsletter – to keep up with what is happening with Book App Alliance.