BAA-logo-final-LARGEThe Book App Alliance is an industry organization of leading independent book app authors. Our mission is to raise awareness of book apps and to help independent book app creators promote their top quality book apps.

Here are answers to FAQs and a list of benefits of  membership to the Book App Alliance:

Q: Why was The Book App Alliance created?

A: While the book app market is expanding rapidly, relatively low awareness among consumers and a dearth of high quality apps have suppressed an otherwise burgeoning marketplace.

There are three primary issues The Book App Alliance is working to resolve:

  1. Lack of awareness by the public of what book apps are and how they can be an effective resource in entertainment and learning.
  2. The market is crowded with book apps that differ significantly in quality. It’s hard for consumers to distinguish the good from the bad so many opt for the big brands they know. We know there are hidden gems in the App Store, created by innovative, independent author/developers. It’s our objective to provide a direct path for consumers to discover these higher quality, unique and worthwhile book apps.
  3. Cutting through the clutter to promote quality apps is a challenge. Book App Alliance members will join forces to promote quality apps, creating one big voice as opposed to many little voices.

Q: What the Book App Alliance is NOT?

We are NOT a review site.  We support our Review Site friends and encourage parents and teachers to read the reviews on those sites.

Q: What are the Objectives of The Book App Alliance?

  1. To educate the market about what book apps are and where to find great ones.
  2. To drive awareness and downloads of top-quality, independent book apps.
  3. To build a supportive and collaborative community of independent book app creators.

Q: Who May Apply for Book App Alliance membership?

The Book App Alliance was created to help the “little guy” compete against the mega shops and brands in the App Store. So ideally, members are independent authors/illustrators who have created their own book apps and individual developers or small developer shops who’ve got fewer than 10 apps. The author, illustrator and/or developer may apply for membership.

Q: What is the criteria for membership in the Book App Alliance?

The following criteria will be used to judge applicants to the Book App Alliance:

  • Applicant must be a children’s author.
  • App must be an interactive book app with multi-sensory experiences within the story. Not an ebook.
  • Book app must be original material (may include public domain or branded characters) written by the author.
  • Book app must be for children or teens.
  • There must be a privacy policy to comply with COPPA.
  • Text of the book must be grammatically correct indicating a professional edit was done.
  • Book app must be either a storybook or concept book.

Q: How does one join The Book App Alliance?

A: Our primary objective is to promote top quality apps created by independent book app authors/developers. For this reason, membership in The Book App Alliance is by invitation or application only. It is essential that the market knows that the book apps promoted by The Book App Alliance are outstanding.

Here is a link to the Book App Alliance Application Form.

Your application will be reviewed by the board and you will receive a response within two weeks.

Q: What are the benefits of membership:

Basic membership

  1. App Store reviews – members will download each other’s apps and write honest reviews for them in the App Store(s).
  2. Social media connections – each member is invited to provide social media contact details and members are encouraged to connect with each other in this way.
    !!!ScreenSnapz005—Facebook Page Likes
    —Twitter Follows
    —Facebook Post Shares
  3. Blitz Campaigns – BAA will have scheduled “Blitz Campaigns” where everyone in the groups will promote a certain app or group of apps. The Blitz messaging can be around a new app, news, a competition, price sale, etc. Blitz Campaigns will be scheduled and priority given to active members of the group.
  4. Your own post on the BAA website – featuring your bio, contact details, social media, your website and book apps
  5. Access to the private Facebook group for the Book App Alliance
  6. Members-only newsletter – to keep up with what is happening with Book App Alliance.

Q: How much does being a member cost?

A: At this time, membership is free, although there will be some costs involved with downloading other members’ apps in order to review them.

Want to join our group? Just complete our Book App Alliance Application form.