Meet the Author Cathy Lane – Author/Illustrator of Butterfly Kisses by Cathy Lane picture book app for the iPad.

What inspired you to be an author?

My 3 children inspired me to become a children’s picture book author. When they were little reading stories at bedtime was an important part of the day and sometimes I would make up little stories. I loved watching their eyes widen when I asked them “would you like me to tell you a story?”

Why did you choose the app platform?

I choose the picture book app platform for my stories because it offers the opportunity to involve the child in the narrative emotionally, intellectually and physically through the use of animation, sound music and physical interaction. Picture book apps are another way to tell a story on a device which is widely used at home and in the class room. Children pick up an ipad now just like we used to pick up a book. As an author and illustrator I want to be a part of this new way of telling a story.

What were the first steps in figuring out how to create an app?

Before I even started to consider creating a book app I researched existing story apps to decide what type of app I wanted to create. Then I found a number of authoring tools which needed no programing skills. This discovery made me realise that it would be possible for me to create a picture book app on my own with some help with sound and voice over. I was able to design, illustrate and animate the story I just needed to learn to use the authoring tool and a sound editing program. I then began trialling a number of authoring programs to see which one would suit the type of book app I wanted to produce.

What single point of advice would you offer an author considering a tablet app?

The advice I would offer to an author who might be considering creating a book app would be to make sure you understand the type of book app you want to create. Collect examples, study them and understand how they work and watch children interact with them. Decide how you want to produce the app by finding the right authoring program or studio and make sure that they are capable of producing the final product by asking a lot of questions about the process and also if there are any limitations.

Author/illustrator Cathy Lane

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