winter holiday reading for childrenThe holiday season is in full swing and parents everywhere are looking for holiday gifts and quality entertainment for children eager for a warm fireside activity.

The Book App Alliance publishes book app reading lists for parents looking for just this kind of treat, and our December Holiday edition is here to please.

Our list this month features a list of book apps that can be downloaded to a new iPad as a gift, or introduced for engaging new reading on a cold and blustery day.

This holiday list of endearing stories is sure to inspire new friendships, affirm old ones, and warm the cockles of your heart as the starlight sparkles through the cold crisp air of wintertime.

The Book App Alliance presents the December Holiday Reading List:

Inspiring Friendships That Overcome

Annie Fox Are You My Friend?
Author: Annie Fox
Raymond is a super smart, super shy 5-year-old who feels left out when big sister Sheila has a friend over. He and his teddy bear are tighter than tight, but lately Raymond is wondering if he needs someone else to be his friend.
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Chris Hamilton My Friend Barlow
Author: Chris Hamilton

Barlow is not your average dog! He’s incredibly smart and loves to paint, play music, and build things. He has a birdie friend named Finch as a sidekick who takes you through his fun and busy day.
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Cary Snowden My Ride With The Alien
Author: Cary Snowden
| Illustrator: Zach Clough
About a young girl who meets a friendly alien and their adventure together as they tour the solar system. Fun and educational for ages 3 to 12.
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Eiry Rees Thomas A Ferry to Airy
Author: Eiry Rees Thomas

What awaits him at the No-Zone Space? A message reaches Doctor It at his home, the Puzzling Pit. The doctor’s pet, an I.T. scholar, is so hot underneath his collar. Both need to crack a code to save the day.
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Alexis H. Purcell Twinkle Twinkle Hear My Prayers
Author: Alexis H. Purcell
This bedtime book is an easy way to introduce prayer into a child’s bedtime routine. Children will be drawn to the cute illustrations, sweet and mild animation, and simple rhyming prayers.
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Animals To Warm Your Child’s Heart

John Luchin Lobster Tale
Author: John Luchin
Dominico is a hapless chef trying to save his Father’s restaurant from foreclosure by catching three mischievous lobsters to make the perfect lobster bisque.
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Fat Red Couch A New Home for Charlie
Author: Fat Red Couch
Small is the New Big! Charlie the Chocolate Chihuahua is a tiny dog in a big world! It isn’t easy being little, but it sure is fun! Help Charlie find his way in his new home.
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Melissa Northway Gerry The Giraffe
Author: Melissa Northway
| Illustrator: Jennifer Mercede
Gerry the Giraffe wants to join the volleyball team but they think he’s too small and not strong enough. He finally realizes what he has to do.
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Ivan Kules Slibby the Snail Adventures
Author: Ivan Kules

Slibby lives in Porchlandia and he is helping his friends the Ants to find some stolen food. Along the way, Slibby needs to solve a lot of quests to find that stolen food.
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Michelle Anaya Grendel’s Great Escape
Author: Michelle Anaya
| Illustrator: Kenny Dewitt
Join Martin on his quest to find Grendel, his pet Ferret who escapes on show and tell day to explore the school in this hide and seek themed adventure story.
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Julie Hedlund A Troop is a Group of Monkeys
Author: Julie Hedlund

A Troop is a Group of Monkeys is an interactive book for kids that introduces some of the fun plural nouns for animal groups (like “a pride of lions”) in a musical, rhyming story.
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Dean Proudfoot Angus The Irritable Bull
Author: Dean Proudfoot
Meet Angus; he’s a bit grumpy and gets a little too e-‘moo’-tional. If he’s not hassling the heifers, frowning at the farmer or fuming at the fowls, he’s stomping on innocent daisies!
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Karen Inglis Ferdinand Fox’s Big Sleep – interactive rhyming story book app for kids
Author: Karen Inglis
A delightful rhyming storybook app for children age 3-5 years. Includes learning activities to explore with grown-ups or alone. Narrated by the author.
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Lizardo Carvajal The Bird of a Thousand Songs
Author: Lizardo Carvajal
This book tells the story of a bird who is able to imitate the songs of all the other birds. But will this bird find its own song?
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Brenda Long Mabell’s Zoo
Author: Brenda Long

Mabell’s Zoo is a beautiful experience for children and promotes creativity while counting to 10. Each view features an animal with original art, rich colors and textures, musical sounds, and a large play area.
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Graham Nunn Lazy Larry Lizard
Author: Graham Nunn

As surprising and wonderful this is for the reader, it’s not so much fun for poor Larry and the reader learns of a better way to make him happy at the end.
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Glenn Melenhorst Mr. Elephant & Mr. Mouse
Author: Glenn Melenhorst
Mr. Elephant and Mr. Mouse aren’t happy with their names and decide to swap, but is the grass always greener on the other side?
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Will Terry Gary’s Place
Author: Will Terry
The story of a gopher who gets tired of living with his parents in their tiny hole and strikes out to build his own hole, but Gary catches the building bug and can’t stop building more and more rooms until a disaster destroys all his hard work.
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Julian Stokoe Have you heard?
Author: Julian Stokoe
Have You Heard is a story and game app with narration and sound effects from comedian Rhys Darby.
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Jeff Butterworth Rex The Roach
Author: Jeff Butterworth

Rex, the robot roach, was not really naught but he didn’t always listen to his mother.
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Irene Blasco Grau Rita The Lizard
Author: Irene Blasco Grau
Rita is a tiny lizard who thinks she is a chameleon just like her uncle William. Through its 14 entertaining and colourful scenes, Rita The Lizard tells a story of friendship and identity in a humorous tone.
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Gifting Tip for Parents: If you are introducing an iPad to your family over the holiday, sneak the iPad out of its wrapping and pre-load these books so that your children can immediately enjoy the fun when the wrapping comes off; you’ll make a bigger impact if they can engage in exciting content right away instead of waiting until later for downloads.

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