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Butterfly Kisses by Cathy Lane

Butterfly Kisses by Cathy Lane is a fun bedtime story. The rhyming words take the reader on a fantasy journey through the animal kingdom. With the tap of a finger hear and see Tigers roaring, Koalas snoring and Kangaroos bouncing.

Sneak a Snack by Isabelle Vien

Sneak a Snack is an original story about a schoolboy named Alex whose giant snack has gone missing. His three best friends – who also happen to be his pets – are dripping with evidence. Who among them could have committed this yummy crime?

The Turkey Who Forgot To Gobble By Alexis Purcell

The Turkey Who Forgot How To Gobble is a cheerful interactive storybook app to teach children about friendship, and how friends will always be there when you need them.

The Monster Fish by Shaun Chapman

The Monster Fish is features 22 animated ‘frozen-in-time’ pages. In this story, the Wenders family experience a truly weird and wonderful adventure while on a fishing trip.

Queen Bee in Paris by Josh and Donna Wilson

Come explore France with Queen Bee. You will buzz past must-see attractions, discover art, culture, history, food and learn many interesting and educational facts along the way!

Who is the Ugliest of All by Josh and Donna Wilson

A young girl getting ready for a party, deals with imperfections in her appearance as she looks into a mirror. Will she be able to overcome her fear and muster up enough confidence to go?

Axe’s Monster Fest by Michelle Anaya

Axe’s Monster Fest is the first of a two part series, which continues with The Monsterrific Music World Tour.  It features a group of adorable monsters, Axe and the Groundhogs who have big dreams of being Mon-stars.

Luca Lashes by Nicole Fonovich

First haircuts can be scary for little ones. Help introduce the experience and calm their fears before their first haircut by reading “Luca Lashes and his First Haircut!”

The Mighty League by Jodi Murphy

Today 1 in 68 children is diagnosed with autism and yet, the general public understands very little about the diagnosis—and what they do know is often shrouded in misconceptions and negative stereotypes. Almost 70% of children with autism experience emotional trauma from being bullied.

The Day I Became A Pirate by Cary Snowden

The Day I Became A Pirate is must-have interactive children’s adventure book app about a boy who encounters a band of pirates who need his help to save a crew member.

Ten Giggly Gorillas by Graham Nunn

Ten Giggly Gorillas swinging in the trees, putting on a show for the cheeky chimpanzees.

The Prisoner of Carrot Castle by Chris Pedersen

Grab your cape and join the fun! Aiden is an ordinary kid—loves costume play, watching clouds pass by, seeing castles in the sky… and he doesn’t like vegetables.

A New Home for Charlie The Chocolate Chihuahua by Lisa DuPre

Charlie the Chocolate Chihuahua is a tiny dog in a big world! We read about his adventures as he tries to fit in at his new home.

Prancing Dancing Lily by Marsha Diane Arnold

Kids who enjoy rhythm and dance will delight in following Lily as she tries out the dances and eventually finds the one that’s perfect for her: the conga!

Slibby the Snail Adventures by Ivan Kules

A funny and charming story about a little snail called Slibby who is helping his Ant friends to find their stolen food. While Slibby is searching for the food, YOU will have to help him by solving all kinds of quests!

Veggie Bottoms by Phil Etting

Veggie Bottoms is a quirky, illustrated e-book that educates kids about the nutritional benefits of various fruits and vegetables by bringing them to life. Each interactive character presents their own narrative on how they are a healthy choice for children to eat.

Funny Yummy by Svetlana Alles

Funny Yummy is a interactive story book about the lunch time. In each of the six episodes cute heroes will ask your child for something yummy. In the process your child will discover what is favorable food for each animal presented in the app.

Ferdinand Fox’s Big Sleep by Karen Inglis

A gentle rhyming story app for ages 3-5+ about a beautiful fox that falls asleep in Peter Maceever’s garden. Suitable for grown-ups to share with and read to younger ones, or for ages 4-5 to explore alone with the British author narrating.

Grendel’s Great Escape By Michelle Anaya

This story is full of humor and fun surprises for readers as they join Martin on his quest to find Grendel, his pet Ferret who escapes on show and tell day to explore the school.  This is a hide and seek themed adventure story for iPAD & Android tablets.

Penelope the Purple Pirate by Melissa Northway

Penelope the Purple Pirate is about a fearless redhead who loves adventure. Penelope possesses a magical coat tree in her bedroom and whatever costume she places on it transforms her into that adventure!

A Word’s a Bird by Orel Protopopescu

A Word’s a Bird makes Nature come to life on your iPad. You can hear the real sounds of insects, birds, frogs, wind, water and more. Each short poem is based on a rhymed metaphor and features animals and insects in their natural environment.

Angus the Irritable Bull by Dean Proudfoot

Angus the Irritable Bull is a light-hearted story of life on a farm. With hand-crafted artwork by award winning Illustrator Daron Parton and rich interaction and sound, it is sure to delight younger readers.

The Tiger Who Wasn’t! by Jonathan Ayre

The Tiger Who Wasn’t! the interactive story of Hatty, the tiger who is anything but, plays into every child’s imagination world, engaging the young reader from the outset.

Treasure Kai Series by Karen Robertson

Treasure Kai is an innovative book app series that uses treasure and adventure, in a twist on the choose-your-adventure format, to motivate kids to finish the stories they start!

Archie’s Ancient Egyptian Adventure By Daren Mason

Due to Archie’s magic digging boots whenever he finds something quite amazing he is transported back in time to meet the original owner of the artifact.

The Flitlits by Eiry Rees Thomas

The central character, JESTER BIT, is a scamp with a heart. His mischief leads to compassion, empathy, team work and a sense of fair play.

Have You Heard by Julian Stokoe

When Farmer Blue goes to the village with his shopping list, Peko tells Summer. Comically, he gets things all muddled up. Summer does the same when she tells Hamilton the horse.

Brave Rooney and The Super-Sized Superheroes By Gerry Renert

Rooney is the only ‘regular’ kid in an elementary school of superheroes. When he wants to play soccer with his superhero classmates, they shun him because he’s a mere mortal. Meanwhile at school, all the superheroes get involved in a daily eating contest, which Rooney avoids.

Josie Cellone

Josie Cellone

Author | Achoo Gaboo

Watch Josie’s video introduction.

Cathy Lane

Cathy Lane

Author | Butterfly Kisses

Watch Cathy’s video introduction.

Marsha Diane Arnold

Marsha Diane Arnold

Author | Prancing Dancing Lily

Watch Diane’s video introduction.

Mark Moyes

Mark Moyes

Author | Loose Strands

Watch Mark’s video introduction.